Tleń has been associated with relaxation for years. You will find here an interesting offer of accommodation - a hotel, a guest house, a house, a wooden home or a comfortable room. There are many interesting places.

Spa, sauna and swimming pool.

You will find the Hotel **** with full comforts. Guest house by the river or interesting houses by the lake or in the forest. You can rent a room or a summer house for the most demanding even the whole house. Accommodation base is constantly developing.

In the center or off the beaten track?

You can choose a location wherever you like. A place with a view of the river or a view of the lake. In the center of the village or outside the village. A comfortable bed in an elegant room or a place in a campsite. Organized groups will find an ideal place for active recreation, families or individuals will discover peace. Tranquility, which is difficult in a crowded city. Everything in one beautiful and interesting village Tleń.




To rest in the right way, you must eat well. Places in Tleniu where we will satisfy your appetite we will find a lot. We can find here a restaurant with a certificate of "slow food", places with traditional Polish dishes or pizzas from a wood-fired oven. You will find here your taste and various dishes for every budget.

Local products on the table.

The offer of local products is huge, you can get to know them during the weekly "Green Market" ("Zielony Targ"). The market is held every Sunday in the season. We start in the early spring and end in the fall. We will meet here local cheese, meats, and organic vegetables. "Green Market" promotes local exhibitors and let you get to know the region.

Do you like fish? You can catch it yourself.

Water reservoirs rich in fish serve local flavors. The name Tleń comes from the name of the fish. The village celebrates its holiday during the "Fish Day". The restaurants serve local fresh fish from local anglers or breeders. When visiting fish ponds, for example with trout, you can pick them yourself or use the local fry and try the best flavors on the spot. If you want to fish yourself, you must have the appropriate permission.




The village is located in the Wdecki Landscape Park in the heart of Bory Tucholskie. The biggest attraction are green and water areas. The Wda River used to be the heart and creator of the landscape was formerly called Black Water. We can boast of the cleanest air, our area is called "Polish green lungs".

Tleń is mainly forests, a river and beautiful lakes.

While wandering around, you can use designated hiking trails, Nordic walking routes and if you are an advocate of alternative places, take advantage of the possibility of discovering geocaching boxes, which are quite numerous in the area. In the forest you will discover peace and in some places you will not meet anyone even for several kilometers. By bicycle you get everywhere, deviating from the trail you will discover wonderful landscapes and places. 

Hiking, cycling and beautiful lakes. Searching for mushrooms and forest fruits.

The lakes help to relax and feel at ease, there are several in the area. Post-glacial lake Trzebciny and Piaseczno. Lake Mukrz, Żur and Wierzchy. You will find a guarded beach, the so-called "wild" and many places where you can enter the water in an unhampered way. You will rent a boat or a water bike and you can paddle freely on our rivers. If you're an angler or a mushroom picker, you'll find a place for yourself here.


Map of attractions

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